fully illuminated seem 1 and 2 by focal point lighting

Introducing Fully Illuminated 90 Corners in Seem 1 & 2 Acoustic by Focal Point

Focal Points Seem 1 & 2 Acoustic are now available with fully illuminated corners. This option is available in Direct only, Indirect only, and Direct/Indirect light distributions. Specifiers can bring their dream to life without cutting corners when it comes to superior light quality and luminaire architecture.

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ocl kwyet sphere architectural lighting fixtures ad

Introducing Kwyet Sphere by OCL

Inspired by nature and organic forms, the Kwyet Sphere is beautifully refined from all angles. The unique fins are open in the center and curve out from the main body to allow additional light to spill through. The Kwyet Sphere is available in 25 acoustic colors, which allows for maximum creativity.

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ad for solar pole by hapco

Introducing Solar Pole by Hapco

Light-years ahead in solar technology, Hapco’s Solar Pole is completely off-grid and works autonomously, using sustainable solar power. Constructed like a Conventional Solar Panel, the cells are directly laminated onto the scratch-resistant glass exterior, ensuring that no dirt or moisture can accumulate between the cells and their casings. Unique, patented, cylindrical solar modules are the most efficient in the market. The Solar Pole requires no trenching or cabling, no electricity bill, and has low maintenance costs. Smart technology, maximum performance.

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pavo square by spi lighting of pittsburgh ad

Introducing Pavo Square by SPI Lighting

Pavo Square delivers a soft, even glow along the entire length of the lens with its impeccable illumination from top to bottom. Plus, there is no visible shadowing at the ends. The diffuser is handcrafted with extraordinary attention to detail. Pavo Square is available with a 4” or 6” wide diffuser with lengths from 1’ to 8’ in a variety of clean mounting options. Make an elegant statement with this modern luminous form.

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ad for renna by peerless lighting

Introducing Renna by Peerless

Peerless is expanding the Renna family by adding the Renna Wall Mount. This new offering features indirect asymmetric optics for smooth, beautiful illuminance of the ceiling cavity, while also delivering the glare-controlled direct distribution Renna is known for. This new option can be paired with several standard Renna transitions to create a continuously flowing wall-mount solution throughout your space. Along with the new wall mount fixture, Peerless has added the Renna Adjustable Angle transition which will allow the installer to field-adjust a specific connection from 90 – 180 degrees when the specifics of the job vary.

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ad for sorella by JLC tech light of pittsburgh

Introducing Sorella by JLC Tech

Sorella by JLC Tech is the sister to their T-BAR LED. Sorella is a modular integrated lighting solution for gypsum ceilings and is available in various lengths with the entire suite of T-BAR LED performance optics. Sorella offers maximized versatility with a wide range of optics providing a lighting solution for every application, and modular lengths from 1ft up to 4ft. It also offers improved ceiling performance by using less plaster, which helps maximize sound absorption properties in acoustic drywall ceiling systems.

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ad for planters light fixtures by estiluz lighting of pennsylvania

Introducing Planters by Estiluz

Planters by Estiluz is the perfect way to add green into your daily life. Greenery adds life to interiors and light brings life to plants. Add natural-looking artificial plants to the pendants in your designs for a fresh and trending look. Estiluz’s exclusive Planter Ring is perfect for large spaces with high ceilings. Planter-equipped pendants create dramatic elements full of life and light. The Planters are specifically designed to fit into three Estiluz collections: Laverd, Circ, and Aro.

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L801 lighting fixtures by mp lighting ad

Introducing L801 by MPLighting

Meet the L801 – MP Lighting’s new linear LED fixture. The L801 has 6 customizable inserts, 2 mounting options (surface and suspended), and 2 classic finishes. This fixture is a soon-to-be staple in commercial projects and office spaces, it is customizable, trim less, and comfort focused.

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ceramics by JDG lighting ad

Introducing Ceramics by Justice Design Group

Justice Design Group is the largest ceramic lighting manufacturer in the United States, with decades of experience handcrafting fixtures to order. Their Form + Finish + Function program brings a wide range of fixture styles – from beautiful Bisque wall sconces, to hand-textured flush-mounts, to modern two-tone pendants. Choose a color or specify the bisque finish (which is shipped ready to receive paint).

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faux wood finishes lighting ad

Introducing Faux Wood Finishes by Luminis

Bring the warmth and natural charm of wood to luminaires. Luminis’ faux wood finishes capture the warmth of real wood and bring unique flare to exterior lighting designs. Actual wood grain patterns complete with knots add convincing texture.

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solar charging poles lighting ad

Introducing EV Charging and Solar Poles by Hapco

Hapco is building Poles for the future, and the future is now! Emerging EV markets will require public availability of EV Chargers, and cities must plan for EV growth. Years of development have led to the most advanced solar lighting pole in the market, No trenching, No electricity bills, fast installation and low maintenance costs.

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perimeter series lighting ad

Introducing Perimeter Series Direct (GPD) by Gammalux

Let’s start with the broadest array of apertures sizes; 1”, 2”, 3” ,4”, 5” & 6” along with your choice of regress depths. Also, note the shallow housing cross section heights. All of that with the new EZ-TELE™ telescoping module for fast installation. The result? The GP series is your versatile, affordable linear wall slot system from Gammalux.

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eminence by electric mirror lighting ad

Introducing Eminence by Electric Mirror

The front-lit Eminence™ mirror offers 90+ CRI inward-facing task lighting for perfect facial illumination. And the integrated ambient wall glow lighting adds depth and drama to any room. Both task and ambient lighting come with on-mirror one-touch dimming technology, creating a perfect blend of form and function. With a sleek and modern profile and a unique matte black shadow-box frame, the Eminence brings prestige and distinction to every room it graces.

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ceiling system lighting ad

Introducing MORA Ceiling System by Focal Point

Discover Mora™, a revolutionary acoustic ceiling and lighting system that allows specifiers to create exceptional ceiling arrays that enhance interior architecture and increase occupants’ acoustic and visual comfort. Mora leverages the light engine and acoustic performance of Seem® 1 Acoustic and the simplicity of the TruBlade™ unlit baffle to offer flexibility in design and ease of specification, ordering, and installation. It offers all the options that lighting professionals expect from an architectural luminaire and perfect integration with acoustic baffles, resulting in cohesive, statement-making arrays that transform interiors. Three systems offer various levels of customization: Mora Build, Mora Create, and Mora Inspire.

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starburst by beta calco lighting ad

Introducing Starburst by Beta Calco

Starburst is a collection of kinetic pendants that when in compact form are semblant of stars which can then manually expand into a larger circle, triangle, or quad. Starburst can adapt to either organic or cosmic interior designs. The overlapping and interlacing of multiple brackets create contours that resemble elements of nature and can evoke feelings of well-being and positivity. The angularity of the brackets and diffusers complement futuristic themes that communicate innovation, high-tech, and the avant-garde. As a single pendant, Starburst acts as an illuminated art piece. When multiplied and layered, a celestial effect is created.

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berri eureka lighting ad

Introducing Berri by Eureka

PUNCTUATE SPACE. The familiar meets the fresh and new in Berri. Classic ball and seamless tube components come configured in various geometries and sizes. Luminaires can be arranged to create distinctive lighting designs. Berri brings life and enhances any space, from small to large, from classic to contemporary. Choose from vertical or horizontal configurations, square or rectangular, large-scale hexagonal formats, V-shaped, S-shaped, W-shaped, or Z-shaped elements.

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book by beta calco lighting ad

Introducing Book by Beta Calco

BOOK fortifies Beta Calco’s acoustic collection of geometric shapes with a straight line. The classic linear profile is wrapped in sound absorbing material fluidly designed with rounded edges and a regressed lens that sums aesthetic, visual, and sound comfort. Suitable for spaces that require noise and glare reduction such as libraries, collaboration rooms, and restaurants. BOOK II pushes the design further with three optics to accommodate spaces such as open offices, labs, gyms, and design studios.

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relay A-light lighting ad

Introducing Rely by A-Light

Shaped for design, A-Light’s new Direct & Indirect Pendant system offers corner options of 90° and 120° angles, allowing you to configure diverse geometric patterns. Curved & softened design elements make it simple to configure diverse geometric patterns for a continuously lit shape. Uplight, downlight or both, Acoustic infill options, Relay gives you the freedom to realize your lighting ambitions.

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kwyet acoustic OCL lighting ad

Introducing Kwyet Acoustic Pendants by OCL

A truly integrated approach to light and sound. Kwyet pendants combine OCL’s Tubie Luminaire with 9mm acoustic fins to produce a fixture that is easy on the eyes and ears. Mix and match color (20+ acoustic felt options) and shapes (cone, angle or ellipse) to create a stunning installation. Light sources also available in RGBW, Tunable White, and with a performance COB downlight. Customizations are possible for size, shapes, and clusters.

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Introducing Capsule Exterior by Brownlee

CAPSULE is a wet location rated sconce offered in two sizes. While intended for exterior facades, it also used in commercial interior applications such as elevator lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms. Heavy duty aluminum construction, uniformly illuminated frosted acrylic diffuser, stainless steel hardware, dedicated 120-277V LED components – all standard. CAPSULE is available in two form factors: round and square.

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scena luminis lighting ad

Introducing Scena by Luminis

Not just good looks. Strength with style runs in the Scena family, allowing designers to achieve a total, unified effect across a landscape’s various lighting elements. Surface mounts and bollards lend a modern sophistication to a design. Clean simple lines hide the fact they are impact and tamper resistant and highly durable. Scena brings safety and security to outdoor environments while preserving the light’s soft aesthetics and architectural appeal.

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mue mullion mount by signtex lighting ad

Introducing MUE Mullion Mount by Signtex

Light your entry in a clean and code compliant way. MUE Mullion Mount is designed specifically to mount directly on extruded structural mullion beams used in typical glass-fronted entrances and other dividing walls. This unique and very low-profile fixture will fit directly on to a 2 ½” high surface and provide extremely efficient emergency and general lighting over the path of egress. 10 & 20 watt models available, with 10″ & 20″ lengths, UL 924 and IP66 listed.

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vividlite lumetta lighting ad

Introducing VividLite by Lumetta

A dramatic display of light, shape and color to beautifully transform and complement your interior décor. VividLite LED is made with an acrylic frame with a washable Lumenate® diffuser. With endless Lumenate® finishes to select from, these decorative pendants add visual pop while maintaining cleanability.

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indigo lighting ad

Introducing Indigo Clean Technology by Finelite

Indigo-Clean® Technology is a safe environmental disinfection light source integrated into Finelite luminaires. Proven through recently conducted independent laboratory testing, Indigo-Clean Technology kills bacteria, Influenza-A, and SARS-CoV-2* – the virus that causes COVID-19. The 405nm Indigo-Clean germicidal wavelength contains no ultraviolet (UV) and is safe for room occupants and materials.

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HDM with Care222 lighting ad

Introducing HDM™ with Care 222® Technology by Healthcare Lighting

Powered by the patented Care222® filtered 222nm technology, HDM inactivates pathogens on non-porous surfaces and in the air – even with people in the space. Their krypton chloride UVC lamp uses a short pass filter to remove wavelengths that are harmful to human tissue. Available in pendant, surface and recessed forms, these fixtures require no external controls or set up commissioning and are serviceable from below. Refer to product specification sheet for efficacy claims and claim substantiation regarding specific pathogens.

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bover lighting ad

Introducing Bover Lighting

L&M would like to welcome Bover Lighting to our linecard. In 1996 Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona. After 20 years of market development, what began as a sketch on a napkin for an architect friend’s project has evolved to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States and a presence in countries worldwide. Another distinguishing factor of the Bover collection is their large-scale products, designed for large spaces that offer a high degree of comfort and lighting performance without sacrificing good technical perks that facilitate lights’ maintenance; essential features for adapting to contract projects.

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profile mini frame fluxwerx lighting ad

Introducing Profile Mini Frame by Fluxwerx

Three forms. Three sizes. Infinite opportunities. A suspended geometric pendant luminaire synthesized with the modern minimalism of Profile Mini. Frame offers maximum design flexibility, delivering quality light with a comfortable visual experience for a myriad of architectural applications. With an aperture of 1.5″ and no horizontal lenses or diffusers, Frame delivers design options to suit all ceiling conditions. Up to 15ft o.c. spacing with over 42 fc at 0.4 W/ft2 and work plane uniformity of 1.6:1.

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indigo clean technology finelite lighting ad

Indigo-Clean Technology by Finelite

Mitigating COVID is Now as Easy as Turning the Lights On. Finelite luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology are proven to be effective by recently conducted independent lab testing to kill bacteria, Influenza-A, and SARS-CoV-2* – the virus that causes COVID-19. Indigo-Clean Technology uses a 405nm visible wavelength of light to kill harmful viruses by oxidizing them from within. 405nm is visible light and safe for people and materials unlike all types of ultraviolet light. Finelite has integrated this technology into some of their most popular fixtures – the HP-2, HP-4, HP-6 and HPR troffers.

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intra lighting systems ad

Introducing Intra Lighting

L&M would like to welcome Intra Lighting to our linecard. Intra’s philosophy is “Light where it is needed, when it is needed, and as much as is needed”. Their product families, consistent in their style, are developed to fulfil various lighting needs. Moreover, they stimulate a creative use in a space. Try them and dare to fall in love.

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evolair uv lighting by acuity brands ad

Introducing EvolAIR UV by Acuity Brands

EvolAIR UV™ delivers a modern approach to UV germicidal air room treatment. Engineered with advanced UV-C based pathogen control technology powered by UV Angel Clean Air™. EvolAIR UV continuously circulates pathogen-contaminated air through a sealed chamber, treated with high-intensity UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and is then returned to room for a cleaner environment. Sealed UV air treatment chamber is integrated into a 2′ x 4′ illuminated troffer, allowing for use in occupied spaces. Up to 103 lumens per watt and available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. Available for drop-in grid ceiling, recessed hard ceiling, surface mount or suspended installations. Discreet down-facing status indicator light for easy sight verification of operation or maintenance. Complete with a toolless UV lamp and filter serviceable from below without the need to access ceiling plenum.

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