vividlite lumetta lighting ad

Introducing VividLite by Lumetta

A dramatic display of light, shape and color to beautifully transform and complement your interior décor. VividLite LED is made with an acrylic frame with a washable Lumenate® diffuser. With endless Lumenate® finishes to select from, these decorative pendants add visual pop while maintaining cleanability.

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indigo lighting ad

Introducing Indigo Clean Technology by Finelite

Indigo-Clean® Technology is a safe environmental disinfection light source integrated into Finelite luminaires. Proven through recently conducted independent laboratory testing, Indigo-Clean Technology kills bacteria, Influenza-A, and SARS-CoV-2* – the virus that causes COVID-19. The 405nm Indigo-Clean germicidal wavelength contains no ultraviolet (UV) and is safe for room occupants and materials.

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HDM with Care222 lighting ad

Introducing HDM™ with Care 222® Technology by Healthcare Lighting

Powered by the patented Care222® filtered 222nm technology, HDM inactivates pathogens on non-porous surfaces and in the air – even with people in the space. Their krypton chloride UVC lamp uses a short pass filter to remove wavelengths that are harmful to human tissue. Available in pendant, surface and recessed forms, these fixtures require no external controls or set up commissioning and are serviceable from below. Refer to product specification sheet for efficacy claims and claim substantiation regarding specific pathogens.

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bover lighting ad

Introducing Bover Lighting

L&M would like to welcome Bover Lighting to our linecard. In 1996 Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona. After 20 years of market development, what began as a sketch on a napkin for an architect friend’s project has evolved to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States and a presence in countries worldwide. Another distinguishing factor of the Bover collection is their large-scale products, designed for large spaces that offer a high degree of comfort and lighting performance without sacrificing good technical perks that facilitate lights’ maintenance; essential features for adapting to contract projects.

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profile mini frame fluxwerx lighting ad

Introducing Profile Mini Frame by Fluxwerx

Three forms. Three sizes. Infinite opportunities. A suspended geometric pendant luminaire synthesized with the modern minimalism of Profile Mini. Frame offers maximum design flexibility, delivering quality light with a comfortable visual experience for a myriad of architectural applications. With an aperture of 1.5″ and no horizontal lenses or diffusers, Frame delivers design options to suit all ceiling conditions. Up to 15ft o.c. spacing with over 42 fc at 0.4 W/ft2 and work plane uniformity of 1.6:1.

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indigo clean technology finelite lighting ad

Indigo-Clean Technology by Finelite

Mitigating COVID is Now as Easy as Turning the Lights On. Finelite luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology are proven to be effective by recently conducted independent lab testing to kill bacteria, Influenza-A, and SARS-CoV-2* – the virus that causes COVID-19. Indigo-Clean Technology uses a 405nm visible wavelength of light to kill harmful viruses by oxidizing them from within. 405nm is visible light and safe for people and materials unlike all types of ultraviolet light. Finelite has integrated this technology into some of their most popular fixtures – the HP-2, HP-4, HP-6 and HPR troffers.

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intra lighting systems ad

Introducing Intra Lighting

L&M would like to welcome Intra Lighting to our linecard. Intra’s philosophy is “Light where it is needed, when it is needed, and as much as is needed”. Their product families, consistent in their style, are developed to fulfil various lighting needs. Moreover, they stimulate a creative use in a space. Try them and dare to fall in love.

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evolair uv lighting by acuity brands ad

Introducing EvolAIR UV by Acuity Brands

EvolAIR UV™ delivers a modern approach to UV germicidal air room treatment. Engineered with advanced UV-C based pathogen control technology powered by UV Angel Clean Air™. EvolAIR UV continuously circulates pathogen-contaminated air through a sealed chamber, treated with high-intensity UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and is then returned to room for a cleaner environment. Sealed UV air treatment chamber is integrated into a 2′ x 4′ illuminated troffer, allowing for use in occupied spaces. Up to 103 lumens per watt and available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. Available for drop-in grid ceiling, recessed hard ceiling, surface mount or suspended installations. Discreet down-facing status indicator light for easy sight verification of operation or maintenance. Complete with a toolless UV lamp and filter serviceable from below without the need to access ceiling plenum.

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vyv antimicrobial lighting systems ad

Introducing Vyv Antimicrobial Light

Vyv is a new class of clean light technology that harnesses the antimicrobial power within the visible light spectrum. Continuous use, UV-Free antimicrobial light stops the growth of and kills bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew with visible light. New studies also prove groundbreaking inactivation of viruses. Unlike UV light, Vyv is fine for us to be exposed to anytime and without any restrictions. This proprietary antimicrobial light technology cleans surfaces virtually everywhere we go today – from healthcare and athletic facilities, food & beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, travel and hospitality to products for our homes, in our workplaces, our schools, in automotive, horticulture and beyond.

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cylinders 3g lighting system ad

Introducing Cylinders by 3G Lighting

3.3” and 4.5” diameter high performance cylinders are the perfect companion to 3G series downlight family. They feature extruded aluminum housings with powder coated finishes. The 3.3” adjustable cylinders offer twist and lock construction, no visible hardware, 0-90° tilt and 360° rotation. Whatever style, the regressed LED source will provide enhanced glare control. 80+, 90+, and 97+ CRI options all available with 1% dimming standard and several integral driver options.

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bounce ae nulite lighting system ad

Introducing Bounce AE by Nulite

Bounce AE is a low glare recessed ambient lighting solution that brings softness and visual comfort to the modern workspace, letting your eyes rest so you can be comfortable and productive. Bounce AE is also the designer’s delight offering the ability to select the top reflector material. For the lowest cost and most practical version select a standard acoustical ceiling tile. If your choice is to get wild and creative….you can select almost any material under the sun and turn the ceiling into an expression of light, color and texture.

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novato 2 lighting lines arcs by spi ad

Introducing Novato 2” Lines + Arcs by SPI

This revolutionary modular system of luminous lines empowers you to create an infinite array of designs with ease, using all standard products. Get creative with crisp linear runs, precise angles, flowing curves, and sweeping elevation changes. There’s no limit to what you can design with these architectural building blocks of light. Impeccably designed with continuous illumination, Novato 2” Lines + Arcs exhibits clean lines with no breaks in the light. Luminous on three sides, it adds dimension by broadening the distribution of light. Plus, efficacy surpasses 100 lumens per watt!

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echo blade by spi lighting systems ad

Introducing Echo Blade by SPI

Echo Blade is the slimmest, most discreet high output asymmetric lighting tool on the market. It combines high output density with outstanding quality in a sleek, new architectural form that performs as great as it looks. With a profile as slim as 1.5”, SPI Lighting’s Echo Blade can deliver from 12,000 to 36,000 lumens. Available in either a deep forward throw or a wide distribution, it is ideal for illuminating large spaces with comfortable, glare-free light.

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phoenix up / down pendant G lighting solutions ad

Introducing Phoenix Up/Down Pendant by G Lighting

The Phoenix interior pendant offers both up and down light for maximum performance in a single cylinder form. Dimming is standard 1% 0-10v and external surge protector is provided as standard. Beam spreads are available in 20, 30 or 50 degrees. The up and down components can be individually circuited. Customizable color configurations are available, so space branding is a breeze.

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series 19 by finelite lighting ad

Introducing Series 19 by Finelite

Designed specifically to deliver tailored solutions for offices, healthcare, and educational projects, Series 19 is ideal for low-ceiling applications. Only 18-inch suspension is needed for the widespread distribution to deliver unparalleled ceiling uniformity on as much as 18-foot row spacing. Tailored lumen packages allow for targeted uniform illumination levels at extremely low power densities while reducing material and installation cost.

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venue by peerless lighting ad

Introducing Venue by Peerless

Specifically designed for open ceilings, Peerless Venue blends a curved aesthetic with uniform illumination to define spaces where people gather, collaborate, and thrive. The Peerless Venue luminaire is available in two curvatures (convex and concave). Available in black, white, painted aluminum or custom color finish options. Also included are advanced dimming with optional controls: nLight® and nLight AIR, and Tunable White for even more design options.

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fabricolor by cooledge lighting ad

Introducing FABRIColor by Cooledge

FABRIColor extends the concept of immersive illumination – the comfortable feeling of being surround by light – by adding another dimension: dynamic W+RGB color. Taking advantage of the architectural form provided by large scale, textured luminaires in a variety of shapes, FABRIColor allows you to create multi-purpose spaces where high quality white light used for functional illumination can be transformed into a celebration of color for social settings, brand promotion, or simply for a change.

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gemini by jlc tech lighting of pittsburgh

Introducing Gemini by JLC Tech

The first and only 4” linear downlight to install just like a cross tee in a suspended ceiling. The GEMINI revolutionizes the installation process to achieve linear lighting on-center with the grid by replacing the actual cross tees. Typical linear downlights require a custom grid opening to be constructed in order to support the fixture, while the GEMINI has integrated cross-tees to create this on-center opening without additional grid components. This simplifies installation and allows for a more cohesive ceiling aesthetic.

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acoustics by A Light lighting ad

Introducing Acoustics by A-Light

A-Light now has multiple families available to handle acoustic needs of a space. Absorb focuses on a linear with a large surface area to decrease reverberation time and have an inherent sound absorption rate of 0.75 NRC. Atlas is an elegantly slim round fixture, finished with subtle detailing to provide a high level of lighting performance in a simple but robust package. ATL1 features a high density PET acoustic panel, available in a range of colors, for effective sound absorption. It has a thin diffuse lens designed for optimal indirect uplight delivering 90% transmittance.

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triple beta by calco lighting ad

Introducing Triple by Beta Calco

Triple is a powerful but elegant pendant ideally suited for high performance applications. Available in 3 diameters: 6”, 13” and 19”. The unique design reduces glare significantly and facilitates internal airflow to cool its components. Customize output through 4 beam angles and up to triple circuiting. RGBW is available with glow ring and funnel.

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Lumenique by new star lighting ad

Introducing Lumanique by New Star

Transform a room’s atmosphere with the Lumanique (SPD) Series. Available in a multi-function unit (ambient, exam, reading, night light) or as ambient only, the SPD is suitable for a wide variety of medical, commercial and specialty applications. Customize the fixture by mixing and matching functions, lumen packages, various color temperatures and CRI options. Incorporate a decorative pattern to the lens or add an overlay lens to create a flat wipe-down surface, giving the Lumanique Series even more flexibility to suit various project requirements.

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portal by fluxwerx lighting ad

Introducing Portal by Fluxwerxl

When technology transforms and design transcends. Portal reimagines directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family. Proprietary optics define a minimalist aesthetic and deliver exceptional comfort and control across multiple environments. Recessed, semi-recessed and adjustable, with trim and trimless in three standard powdercoat finishes. Portal options provide seamless design integration. The choice is yours.

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IP66 rated accent landscape lighting family by hydrel of Pittsburgh

Introducing the IP66-rated Accent & Landscape family by Hydrel

Illuminate your Landscapes with impact. The Hydrel Accent family is more powerful than before — available in more distribution options, additional CCT, higher lumen outputs, and with integral drivers. The IP66 rating backs up the claim that these fixtures are made to withstand tough outdoor environments. Cedar, Aspen, Palm, Pine and Alder bring together a versatile family of exterior accent fixtures.

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mill quadrant by eureka lighting advertisement

Introducing Mill & Quadrant by Eureka

Eureka has added 2 new acoustic pendant solutions to their offerings, Mill & Quadrant. Mill offers a fifteen acoustic panels shade, multiple sizes, colors and mounting options as well as optional up light.

The Quadrant pendant highlights a discreet globe diffusor. Lighted versions or the versions without light source can be used alone or combined to create impressive layouts, while multiplying the sound absorption. Available in 3 sizes.

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brownlee lighting products ad

Introducing Brownlee Lighting

We would like to welcome Brownlee Lighting to the L&M line card! Brownlee has been proudly producing luminaires in Orlando, FL for the last 4 decades. They have come a long way since opening their doors in 1977. Their extensive line of specification grade LED products include flush mount, semi-flush mount, wall, vanity, sconces and pendants for the interior. Post mount, wall, ceiling, and full cutoff fixtures available for outdoor applications.

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sky dome light solutions by pablo lighting ad

Introducing Sky Dome by Pablo

The Sky Collection is a modular pendant lighting system featuring multiple shade reflector solutions for various decorative and performance benefits. Sky Dome is available in both spun aluminum and pressed wood shade reflectors that when combined with their powerful 2-sided LED light source gives the lamp a weightless appearance while providing unparalleled illumination in all directions. Sky Dome combines form and function with unsurpassed quality and is available in 3 sizes: 18”/24”/32″. Explore the rest of the Sky Collection with Sky Solo and Sky Sound products.

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Quad Tbar by Aron Lighting ad

Introducing Quad TBar by Aron Lighting

Redefining down lighting on-the-grid. The QUAD is unlike any other recessed downlight in the LED lighting industry, featuring a patent-pending mounting system over the intersection of any grid. The QUAD can be installed within pre-existing or new suspension ceilings eliminating any grid customization. Armstrong partnership for pre-cut tiles for both round and square shapes. Aron will soon be expanding customization of the QUAD to integrate accent lighting, speakers, and sensors at the grid intersection.

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Le Louvre by Beta Calco Lighting ad

Introducing LE LOUVRE™ by Beta Calco

Design Patent Pending Le Louvre features a stunning three-dimensional diagonal louver structure that gives the profile a closed appearance when the light is switched off and an open appearance when the light source is on. Compared to basic diffuser-based downlight solutions, Le Louvre also has the advantage of offering improved visual comfort with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) less than 9.

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Razer by Beta Calco Lighting ad

Introducing Razer by Beta Calco

The new IP65 rated exterior sconce by Beta Calco is available with multiple body styles, beam angles and standard finish options. Whether Razer RD, Razer SQ, or Razer CUBE, all will blend seamlessly with the architecture of the building they adorn.

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Keglen by Louis Poulsen Lighting ad

Introducing Keglen by Louis Poulsen

The pendants’ distinctive conical shades each have a built-in curved opal insert. This ensures a both attractive and glare-free downward light. Each version of the shade provides its own diffusion of light while the white inner side ensures that its light is reflected flawlessly. A gentle light is also emitted upwards through a uniform, discreet opening in the top of the shades which adds to the perfect ambiance.

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Ph Septima by Louis Poulsen Lighting ad

Introducing PH Septima by Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen brings back Poul Henningsen’s sophisticated seven-shade glass crown, based on the PH Septima 5 with optimized suspension and enhanced glass for better endurance and stability. When exhibited for the first time as a prototype at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art (now Designmuseum Danmark) in 1928, the poetic piece was publicly applauded.

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Gradiant Guide Optics by Gammalux Lighting ad

Introducing GradiantGuide Optics by Gammalux

Smooth and wide illumination delivered across the ceiling without striations, color over angle or shadows above the fixture. GradientGuide Optic is available in seven G-Beam models with more to come.

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HL110 Hallway Lights by Lumenture Lighting ad

Introducing 4” Hallway Lights by Lumenture

Lumenture’s HL110 directs light toward the walls – allowing you to increase perceived light levels or reduce fixture counts. The impressive performance comes in a discreet 4” form factor that blends effortlessly into ceilings. By combining custom reflectors, molded from a 98 percent reflective polymer, with advanced diffusers that enhance on-axis brightness, the Lumenture HL110 delivers industry-leading efficiency and performance.

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Lindsley lighting new product promo

Introducing Lindsley Lighting

Join us in welcoming Lindsley Lighting to the L&M Linecard. Lindsley is taking a fresh take on a traditional cylinder form. Sleek modernist designs maintain a low-profile form while delivering high performance in output and optics.

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accord lighting new product promo

Introducing Accord Lighting

Evolving out of a Brazilian furniture manufacturer, Accord’s wooden decorative fixtures have a contemporary and sophisticated design. They are made in Brazil, although the company has a consistent product flow to their US market. They are adding more and more UL listed options every day.

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erovista lighting new product promo

Introducing EroVista Wood Poles

Manufactured here in Pennsylvania, EroVista was formed from a team with a long history in the wood/forestry industry. EroVista eco-friendly poles are made of kiln-dried stress-rated Alaskan yellow cedar. Natural, attractive, and functional alternative to the everyday metal, fiberglass and concrete poles commonly specified. EroVista wood light poles may be the perfect choice for most outdoor lighting projects.

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nwsxa low-voltage wall switch sensor by acuity nlight lighting new product promo

Introducing nWSXA Low Voltage Wall Switch Sensor by Acuity nLight

The nLight® nWSXA is a low voltage wall switch with integrated sensors providing local control of lighting zones featuring toggle and/or raise lower. The sleek, modern design of the nWSXA enhances the aesthetic of a space while offering occupancy and/or daylighting. Capable of detecting small motion up to 20 ft (6.10 m), this sensor is ideal for private offices, private rest rooms, copy rooms, closets or any small enclosed spaces. For occupancy sensing, the nWSXA uses Passive Infrared (PIR) detection and PIR/Microphonics Dual Technology (PDT).

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wpx configurable phase dimmer switch lighting new product promo

Introducing WPX Configurable Phase Dimmer by Sensor Switch

The Sensor Switch WPD Forward-Phase Dimmer Switch is an economical, energy saving option for dimmable LED, CFL and incandescent fixtures, making it perfect for renovation projects where fixtures are permanently installed. Easy configuration is a key feature of this solution, allowing contractors and facility managers to effortlessly develop energy saving illumination strategies by setting high and low dimming levels or returning to its default state when desired.

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link acoustic pendant by Lumetta lighting new product promo

Introducing Link Acoustic Pendants by Lumetta

Lumetta’s new Link Acoustic pendants are an exciting extension of their Linear Acoustic Collection. The fixtures can be joined from end-to-end, creating various lengths and compositions for your unique environment. A creative combination of modular design and acoustic function for ambient lighting and auditory comfort. Mix and match bold, bright colors or keep it classic with something more subdued. The choice is yours with a variety of Sutherland Felt Co. Designer Board Felt colors.

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Unidure Bega lighting ad

Introducing Unidure® Finish by BEGA

Meeting the highest quality standards for an architectural finish, BEGA Unidure® offers phenomenal weathering properties and world-class color retention. Whether baking in the sun or freezing in the cold, architectural outdoor luminaires endure some of the most rigorous, day-to-day durability challenges associated with the built environment. Selecting an exterior architectural finish that preserves the longest lifespan possible can be a daunting task. With BEGA Unidure®, a fluoropolymer technology, you now have peace of mind for decades. BEGA North America has successfully met the stringent AAMA 2605-17a requirements and is a certified fluoropolymer applicator.

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Lumencove Nano 2.0 by Lumenpulse light ad

Introducing Lumencove Nano 2.0 by Lumenpulse

Not everything that is out of sight should be out of mind. The Lumenpulse Lumencove Nano 2.0 family has expanded to include two new optical versions while maintaining their size, efficiency, and durability, thanks to the elimination of the power supply. Their resulting slim profile helps keep the source unseen without compromising their distinct quality of light and ability to deliver continuous lines of light. The Lumencove Nano 2.0 family offers a choice of sizes, outputs, optics and color temperatures, and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Matrix Beta Calco lighting ad

Introducing Matrex by Beta Calco

The Matrex family offers a sleek compact size and superior performance. High lumen output is no issue because of the unique cooling mechanism with no visible heat sink. Available in 4 beam angles – 15⁰, 30⁰, 50⁰ and 70⁰. Cutting edge optics concentrate the light in your desired beam angle, without color-over-angle discoloration. Suspension points originate from the side allowing for unobstructed uplight.
Multiple stunning finishes available as standard to enhance any space.

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Align A-Light lighting ad

Introducing Align by A-Light

Align is an easily specifiable and highly configurable lighting system designed to accommodate the changing needs of any space. The magnetic modules come with multiple light and mounting options and, with tool-free installation and removal capabilities, the opportunity to create unique configurations are almost infinite.

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Puro uv disinfection lighting ad

Introducing UV Disinfection Lighting by PURO™

Utilizing exclusive patents and technology from Violet Defense™, PURO™ brings a breakthrough UV disinfection solution to the market, which includes the first known high intensity full spectrum UV fixture that can be installed in a ceiling, suspended, or wall mounted. These fixtures kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and can significantly reduce the growth of fungi such as yeasts and molds, when used at the recommended spacing and runtimes. This technology gives users the ability to disinfect a room of any size, on demand. It can be used on demand, scheduled to run overnight, or integrated into a building automation system for reporting and ease of integration in day to day operations. PURO™ proprietary UV disinfection technology is now accessible and easy to use for the broader commercial market, in many applications.

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Best Lights lighting ad

Introducing Best Lights, Inc.

L&M has recently welcomed BEST Lights, Inc. to our line card. Manufactured in the U.S. at Best Lights Headquarters in Michigan, these fixtures create visually spectacular yet comfortable environments in sports/recreational, agricultural and commercial warehouse applications. Think gymnasiums, field houses, air domes and indoor tennis/soccer facilities. Backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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panel by Xal light ad

Introducing PANO by XAL

A linear light that integrates seamlessly. Designed exclusively in collaboration with Armstrong® to install easily in standard length Armstrong® Woodworks Grille, Woodworks Grille Tegular 9/16”, Woodworks Grille Tegular 15/16”, Woodworks Linear Veneered Panels, and Woodworks Linear Solid Wood Panels. PANO is designed to replace a full length of Woodworks ceiling panel. Available in 2”, 3.25”, and 5.25” widths.

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NDTC Digital Timeclock system by Acuity lighting ad

Introducing nDTC Digital Timeclock by Acuity

Ideal for small to medium projects, the nLight® Digital Time Clock (nDTC) delivers smart and simple configuration, control, and scheduling of nLight® devices. The nDTC enables a cost-effective path towards introducing time-based control in an nLight® lighting zone as a wall-mount device, thus eliminating the need for complex networked controllers.

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Ubicell by Ubicquia lighting ad

Introducing Ubicell by Ubicquia

A Streetlight photocell replacement that provides advanced light control, utility metering, tilt/vibration sensing, connections to Smart City sensors and location-based services.

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zum em powerpack lighting ad

Introducing ZUM Emergency Power Pack by Crestron

The ZUMMESH-JBOX-16A-LV-EM is a UL924-compliant 0-10V device that looks and operates just like other 16A JBOX controllers, except that it is powered from an emergency power source. When power is lost or during a brown out, the EM controller switches into emergency mode and keeps lights on at 100% for 90 minutes. It will return to normal operation once normal power is returned and the other wireless devices come online. This removes the need to add additional EM hardware to the system that drives up costs.

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Scope pendants by Insight Lighting ad

Introducing Scope by Insight

Scope is a series of contemporary point source pendants that utilize state-of-the-art LED technology to deliver a narrow spot of focused illumination. Scope can be configured as a single stem mounting or in linear arrays or clustered configurations. The aluminum housing measures only 1.25 inches in diameter and is available in standard powder paint finishes with different trim pieces that offer accents of brass, brushed aluminum, or luminous crystal.

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Outline by Eureka Lighting ad

Introducing Outline by Eureka

Outline is a modern and distinctive luminaire that creates a bold graphic statement. It exhibits a willingness to challenge traditional notions of projector-type lighting design. Through an extensive range of projector configurations, Outline pendant is especially versatile.

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Barbican divider guards for lighting spaces

Introducing Divider Guards by Barbican

Barbican’s Divider Guards are the perfect solution for protecting employees and visitors in a work environment. Permanent and temporary mounting options are available, including a clamp-on version. A cutout for document transactions or cable routing is also available.  Guards are washable with all Health Care grade antimicrobial cleaners making them suitable for areas with high sanitary requirements.  Using existing technologies established within their commercial lighting division, the Barbican Guard is manufactured in house ensuring the highest quality and fastest turnaround.

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AI Downlight Juno new led lighting product ad

Introducing the AI downlight by Juno

The simplest solution to a smarter home. A recessed LED light fixture that not only illuminates a room, but also locks the doors, schedules appointments, adjusts your thermostat, tells your family dinner is ready, runs the vacuum, reads you a book, dims the lights for movie night… the list is endless. Juno AI controls any smart home device that works with Alexa. And it’s virtually invisible in your ceiling… so say goodbye to countertop clutter and crank up the music.

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CSS Strip Lithonia new led lighting product ad

Introducing the CSS LED Strip by Lithonia

The CSS LED strip light is the single lensed version of our Lithonia’s popular CDS Strip. Offered in 4′ and 8′ lengths and from 3,000 to 10,000 lumens for retail, warehouse, and office applications. Easy to install, the CSS LED can be surface, suspended, or row mounted and can be opened without any tools. An alignment bracket comes with each fixture to keep your continuous row absolutely straight.

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Electric Mirror new led lighting product ad

Introducing Electric Mirror

L&M recently added Electric Mirror to our line card. Quality, Innovation, and Post-Sales support are just a few reasons we chose to partner with EM in this product category. Technology combined with beautiful design work has distinguished Electric Mirror from the beginning, first in the hospitality industry and now with a growing commercial and residential client base. The company sells more lighted mirrors than all of their competitors combined, along with lighted makeup mirrors and mirrored medicine cabinets. Products are UL Listed and IES files are available for photometric calculations.

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Healthcare Shades Alva new led lighting product ad

Introducing Healthcare compliant shades by Alva

Alva’s decorative fixtures for Healthcare applications check all the boxes without a clinical feel. Eva, Priscilla, Lidea, and Slim shades are completely sealed, have an anti-microbial powder coating and are constructed from proprietary vandal resistant resin that can be wiped or sprayed down daily with disinfectants or diluted bleach. All shades are ADA compliant, making them ideal for both hallways and interior rooms.

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Initia Aculux new led lighting product ad

Introducing Initia by Aculux

Affordable elegance. Initia™ is a comprehensive family of round and square recessed adjustable, downlight and wall wash luminaires delivering up to 1500 Lumens. The initia™ family creates exceptionally quiet ceilings. With 45-degree visual cutoff to source and source image, attention is kept where it belongs … away from the ceiling plane. Its broad portfolio of trim styles in an assortment of finishes coordinate with virtually any interior. Die cast aluminum bevels and pinholes, available in flanged and flangeless options deliver a sophisticated, high-end aesthetic.

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Lithonia Linear new led lighting product ad

Introducing The Lithonia Linear (LL)

The first Lithonia Lighting® fixture specifically crafted to suspend in open ceiling spaces. Lithonia® Linear (LL) has a minimalist design that can effortlessly span 8 feet or 16 feet in a single run for schools, offices or retail spaces looking to accommodate large footprints. A single power drop can be placed at the center or end of each fixture and sliding brackets allow for suspension from any point along the fixture for ultimate flexibility. Controls specification is also simple, using minimalist VERTEX™ sensor and SensorSwitch®.

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NPODMA Family Acuity Nlight new led lighting product ad

Introducing the nPODMA Family, Screwless wall plates by Acuity nLight®

The nLight Wired nPODMA wall switch offers a sleek, modern design that enhances the aesthetic of a space giving users local control of lighting zones. Equipped with our innovative screwless wall plate design and nConfig mobile app make for easy installation and programming. The nPODMA uses CAT-5e cable connections to communicate with any nLight Wired fixture or power pack and is ideal for commercial office, hospitality, education, and industrial applications.

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Soft SQ Beta Calco new led lighting product ad

Introduction Soft SQ by Beta Calco

An elegant pendant combining the best points of the square and round forms. The optimally engineered diffuser throws the light downwards exactly where it is required, while creating a subtle indirect glow on the ceiling. Ideally suited for atriums, lobbies, boardrooms and reception areas. Available in 9 standard finishes, with more sizes coming soon to expand the family.

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Solar Sync Crestron new led lighting product ad

Introducing Solar Sync by Crestron

The Crestron SolarSync Photosensor (GLS-LCCT) is a daylight sensor with a correlated color temperature (CCT) and luminous intensity meter. When mounted outdoors or in an area with plenty of natural light, the Crestron SolarSync analyzes the ambient light’s color temperature and directs the indoor lighting to match the detected color. This innovative sensor can drive indoor lighting to match the color and intensity of the sunlight throughout the day or create artistic lighting scenes that will make midnight feel like a sunny afternoon. With its CCT technology, the sensor can influence circadian rhythms to help recuperating patients and those with sleep disorders by tuning the indoor lighting to the circadian clock.

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Unitouch Acuity Nlight new led lighting product ad

Introducing UNITOUCH Touchscreen by Acuity nLight®

The nLight® UNITOUCH is an integrated touchscreen wall switch providing seamless control of multiple luminaires and devices on the nLight lighting controls platform through a single piece of glass, and wirelessly through the myPersonify mobile app. Blending modern design and an enhanced user experience, the nLight® UNITOUCH is ideal for commercial, higher education, hospitality, and retail applications.

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UPLD Swivel Cabinet Juno new led lighting product ad

Introducing UPLD Swivel Under Cabinet with Switchable White by Juno

The UPLD Swivel LED undercabinet includes an easily accessible switch to select a 3000K, 3500K or 4000K color temperature and provides task or accent lighting in commercial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. Ideal for use over and under cabinets, display cases, task lighting, office lighting, coves and utility/work areas. Available in 9, 14, 22 and 30” lengths in white and bronze finishes.

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Wallglass Lightglass new led lighting product ad

Introducing Wallglass by Lightglass

Voted a 2019 Lighting Product of the Year by Architectural Record, Lightglass has pushed the concept of lighting to a new level. They call Wallglass a window-light: a luminaire that looks and feels like a window. Its compact design enables installation within a standard wall partition and simulates a connection to the outdoors. It is uniformly luminous, durable, reliable and modular. Delivering 100 Lumens/Watt at 90+ CRI, and a lamp life of 100,000+ hours, Lightglass will enhance any space.

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WDGE Lithonia new led lighting product ad

Introducing The WDGE LED Architectural Wall Luminaire by Lithonia

The WDGE LED family was designed to provide optimal wall-mounted lighting solutions for all mounting heights. Using two technologies, these luminaires provide visually comfortable lighting at building entryways and area distributions at higher mounting heights. With clean lines, the WDGE blends seamlessly into any architecture, meeting the everyday lighting needs of engineers and architects alike.

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wincove by winova new led lighting product ad

Introducing Wincove by Winona

The Wincove integrated cove luminaire highlights architectural elements with soft illumination. With its robust system design, the Winona integrated cove system delivers a consistent, installation-friendly experience. Available in 2 ft., 3 ft. and 4 ft. lengths, Wincove features two distribution options and injection-molded optics for a consistent aesthetic across both horizontal and vertical surfaces. With two extrusion profiles (knife-edge and square-edge) each with two mounting options (mud-in and dry wall), the Wincove luminaire can also be mounted into any cove construction. Wincove is complete with Tunable White, Warm Dimming and Static Color options, plus integrated controls with nLight and nLight AIR.

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Introducing Acoustic Solutions by Focal Point

Focal Point Acoustic Solutions provide an optimal answer to the high noise levels and reverberation issues common to open, multi-purpose spaces.  Consistent with their commitment to superior engineering and craftsmanship, each acoustic cloud and sound baffle companion is designed using the luminaire as a platform. This “luminaire first” approach ensures that technology and light quality are never sacrificed. Rather, the aesthetic and comfort of each space are optimized with beautiful, coordinated lighting and acoustic solutions.

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Introducing Celeste by Eureka

Celeste is a clean minimalist pendant featuring an elegant artisanal casted glass disc. Vertical stems passing through the light fixture create a visual continuity with the cable, accentuated by the glowing glass disc to create a striking effect.  Its integrated connector allows individual Celeste heads to be connected to one another in a vertical pattern, allowing for large impressive installations or smaller elegant clusters.

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Introducing Hollowcore by Luminis

Hollowcore is a re-think of the traditional high bay pendant. Advanced LED technology has enabled the central light source and apparatus commonly used with traditional high bays to be removed. Instead, Hollowcore is designed around a circular LED light engine, enabling an airy open center concept. Not only does the open center concept make Holllowcore aesthetically attractive from above or below, it also enables full control of emitted light.

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Introducing Envex from Lithonia

A troffer game changer.  ENVEX™ is a high-performance recessed ambient series designed to meet intense specification requirements with ease. The timeless design allows ENVEX to enrich any space without distracting from the beauty of the architecture. ENVEX is available in two designs, both offering volumetric distribution. Each fully-luminous design is visually comfortable for occupants, making ENVEX a perfect solution for commercial spaces where occupant efficiency is key such as schools, offices and healthcare.

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Introducing Renna from Peerless

Renna delivers design freedom. With its minimalist form factor and configurable dimensions, create a one-of-a-kind look with Renna or keep it simple with a linear run.  Mix and match transitions and run lengths to complete your design with versatile corner pieces.  Modulus™ controls simplify installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires, reducing complications and labor costs when designing an electrical layout.

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Introducing Claris from Zumtobel

This lighting unit was designed to help meet Well Building Standards and has a UGR < 16. Claris has a very thin profile with a visible profile height of only 1”. Driver is integral to the fixture, and delivers up to 1100 lumens per foot. The fixture is offered in 4 housing finishes, and 6 louver finishes to fit any décor. Check out Claris for efficient, visually-comfortable lighting.

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Introducing the Aron Quad TBar

The QUAD TBar is unlike any other recessed down-light in the LED lighting industry. With a unique mounting on the intersection of the ceiling grid, there is no need for grid customization, as the fixture seamlessly integrates on the existing grid system. Ceiling panels lay on the flanges provided by the fixture housing and with ARON Lighting’s partnership with Armstrong Ceilings, custom ceiling panels are available to make installation even simpler.

With many aesthetic and performance options, as well as exceptional output levels of up to 750 lumens per quadrant, the QUAD TBar truly redefines how lighting designers and architects can integrate a down light into any space, including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and retail applications.

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JLC Tech Lighting Products in room

JLC Tech

LaFace and McGovern is excited to represent JLC Tech lighting. Their-BAR LED Smartlight™ is a lighting system integrated into T-Bars for suspended ceilings, using the most powerful LEDs available on the market. The T-BAR allows their product to be fully integrated or retrofit into any type of suspended ceiling. Utilizing LED technology, they have abandoned the decades old, tired and already overused standards for light fixture design. JLC-Tech is dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LED’s and marrying them to modern, creative and structurally interactive designs.

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Fluxwerx by Lumenpulse, Inc

Lumenpulse Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, has acquired Fluxwerx Illumination Inc.

Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of commercial and institutional spaces, such as office, education and healthcare. Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx has quickly established itself at the forefront of LED lighting solution providers, with a distinctive product offering and innovative proprietary anidolic optics technology.

Juno Lighting Group logo

Juno Lighting Group

Acuity Lighting has recently added the Juno Lighting Group to it family of industry leading lighting manufacturers. Juno has been an innovation leader with recessed fixture optics such as their Hyberbolic Reflector, and their end of life sensing technology. Juno also sets the standard for residential, as well as commercial track lighting products.

L&M is excited to be able to offer Juno as part of our list of quality lighting manufacturers.

Introducing: Rail-Lite by Betacalco

Rail-Lite’s unique sliding system allows LEDs to be positioned closer to objects, therefore maximizing lumens on target merchandise and displays.

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LTH Series Track Lighting

Completing the LTH Series from Lithonia LED Lighting® with the FLTB, GRG & EM track heads

  • Engineered for simplicity
  • Easy Installation
  • Delivers beautiful, clean designs
  • Wide-range of adjustability

The LTH Track Series Portfolio provides high-quality, energy efficient lighting solutions when paired with acculamp® LED Lamps.

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LED Adjustable Exam Lights

Commercial LED Troffers and Fixtures

GTL Series Recessed LED Troffers

Building on the success of the Contractor Select LED troffer and demand for options, Lithonia LED Lighting introduces the GTL Series now available with a number of affordable options. Light options Include:

Lumen Packages:

  • 2’x2′ GTL is available with 2000, 3300 or 3700 lumens.
  • 2’x4′ GTL is available with 3000, 4000, 4800, 6000 or 7200 lumens.
  • Lenses: A12 or A19 prismatic; or, satin white (SWL).

Color Temperatures (CCTs): 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K

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Kirlin’s LED Adjustable Exam Lights Replace Asymmetric Fluorescent Surgical Troffers

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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions
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8000 Series High Performance COB Floodlight‏

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Crestron Lighting logo


LaFace & McGovern is excited to now represent Crestron Electronics. They engineer, manufacture, and deliver the world’s most advanced control and automation technology. Their extensive and continually improving quality control system ensures they deliver cutting-edge products that work right for the first time and every time for years to come. For additional information, please visit our Controls Division page.

D-Series LED Bollard – By Acuity Brands Lighting Manufacturers

Designed to Perform. Built to Last. ‏

The D-Series LED Bollard is designed to perform the way a
bollard should – with zero uplight.

  • Zero Uplight
    Optical design cuts off all light above horizontal, making it perfect for areas with strict lighting ordinances.
  • Designed to Last
    Sturdy, 8″ aluminum shaft, super durable finish and advanced LEDs deliver an expected 20+ year service life.
  • Remarkable Energy Savings
    Delivers energy savings of 69% over 100W metal halide bollards.
  • Emergency Battery Backup
    Optional cold temperature (-20C) battery backup provides at least 50% illumination during times of power loss.
  • Controls Ready
    Features a 0-10V dimming driver as standard equipment.
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Lampa Wall Sconce with LED Lights and Fixture

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The ID LED 2.5″ Adjustable Light Family

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Vellum Suspended Luminaires LED Lighting

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Vellum Peerless LED Lighting Solutions Info Guide

NEW — Square from Peerless. Dare to Compare

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Peerless Soft Shine - NEW Square From Peerless Pic

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The Art of Light® illuminates the art of architecture and interior design. We’re inspired by what you do – the beautiful spaces you create – and we design our luminaires to enhance their beauty and function. In turn, we offer inspiration to elevate your own work. Visit our gallery, and bring what’s possible to light.

Commercial LED Adjustable Light Family
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Introducing the Skydome LED Family

Simplicity of shape. Versatile style. A family of classic, eye-pleasing illuminated circles now available in LED. Span 2’, 3’ and 4’ diameters with round recessed, surface mounted and suspended LED luminaires. Enjoy the beautifully even appearance and low maintenance fluorescent lighting could not achieve.

LED System
• Several standard output levels, Pendant & Surface Mount are Right Light™ capable
• 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
• CRI >80
• Selection of dimming drivers including 0-10V and Lutron
• L70 at 76,000 hours*
• 5 year limited warranty

Commercial LED Adjustable Light Family
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Bruno LED from Peerless is Here

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With less adornments and more advancements, Bruno LED suspended and wall luminaries from Peerless® deliver energy-saving performance and eye-inviting illumination from a minimalist form designed for maximum appeal. nLight® options from Sensor Switch® boost lighting efficiency further.

Commercial LED Lighting Systems spec sheet
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Lithonia Lighting D-Series LED Bollard
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