Jim Mullett lighting rep biopic

Jim Mullett

In January of 2023, Jim Mullett stepped into his new role as Past President to begin his transition into retirement. Jim is not retired, simply moving into a diminished but still critical role at L&M. He will continue to work closely with the company and be a resource for the team to rely on.

Harry McGovern lighting rep biopic

Harry McGovern

Harry McGovern retired in June of 2022 after 45 years and has taken on a consultant role for specific jobs. He is one of the founders of LaFace and McGovern, which began in 1977.

Craig Lockwood lighting rep biopic

Craig Lockwood

Craig Lockwood started at LaFace and McGovern in in February of 1981, named principal in 2001, and retired in November of 2021 after 40 years. Craig was one of the first employees of L&M.

Gene LaFace lighting rep biopic

Gene LaFace

Gene LaFace created LaFace and McGovern alongside Harry McGovern in 1977. Gene went on to retire in 1996 and left the company in the capable hands of Harry.