Lighting Application Guide

Search for quick application information for common lighting situations.

Category Manufacturer Title / Link
Accent Lighting
Lucetta Lighting Accent Lighting Applications
Finelite Acoustics Calculation Tool (Sign up form)
Finelite Acoustic Design Guide
Focal Point Acoustic Design Guide
McFadden Church Designs
Codes & Standards
Focal Point DLC, Energy Star, LEED, WELL Guilds
Commercial / Offices
Acuity Office Designs
Finelite Office Designs
JLC Tech Design Tips 
Prudential Lighting Office Designs
Bodine Emergency Codes and Standards
Exterior Applications
Acuity Sports Typicals
BEGA Exterior Design Guide
Path Lighting with Bollards
Hapco Pole Wind Load Map
Hapco Wall Wash Lighting
Hydrel Flag Pole
Lumenpulse Exterior Design Guide
Rig-A-Lite Hazardous Lighting Fundamentals
Solasray Classified Hazardous Listings
A Light MRI Applications Guide
Kirlin MRI SmartLED Turnkey Solution
Acuity UV Light Disinfection Technology
Vandal / Security Fixtures
New Star Security Standards